Enterprise Introduction

Lianyungang JARI Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a state-owned holding company under CSIC. In 2004, it was established by the Research Institute of Automatic Control Devices of the CSIC No.716 Research Institute. It is a national high-tech enterprise and the first batch of qualified suppliers of China national military electronic components. It is the exploiting entity of national two-phase torch project. It is the demonstration enterprise of integration of two modernizations and a small giant enterprise of science and technology in Jiangsu Province.

The company has an electronic assembly workshop evaluated by "national on-site management five-star site", with advanced automatical production line of SMT,hybrid integrated circuit,and electron module & equipment. It processes the conditions of research and development, manufacture, test and detection of advanced monolithic integrated circuit, hybrid integrated circuit, microcircuit module, optical electromechanical automatic control equipment and system, computer information system.

Development history
Scientific research project
Market distribution
Branch and r&d centers

The company has a series of provincial scientific research and innovation platforms such as enterprise technology center, automatic controller engineering technology and research center, road traffic signal control engineering center. It has undertaken more than 20 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, The company has 15 Provincial and ministerial S&T progress award;  10 High-tech products and 6 National new products.
The company has 100 authorized patents, 113 software copyrights, 8 integrated circuit layout designs,The company presided over the development of 15 standards in the axle angle conversion module industry, and participated in the development of one standard in the intelligent transportation industry.

At present, the company has four industrial directions, including control equipment, power supply, smart city and LED lighting. It is committed to "providing first-class products and services for national defense equipment customers and industry customers", and building "the preferred supplier of domestic core devices, industry equipment and information system".
                                                                                                                                       The control equipment products cover the shaft angle conversion microcircuit module, hybrid integrated module, single-chip integrated circuit, control component and encoder. It also has the single-chip shaft angle conversion integrated circuit with independent intellectual property. The domestic market share of shaft angle conversion module reaches more than 70%. The power supply industry is committed to the research and development of high reliable special power supply products. The technology of high power density module power supply and high power radar power supply is in the leading position in China, reaching the advanced level in the same period abroad.